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Welcome to WiseWomen Pelvic Care,

a therapeutic sanctuary for women's fertility.


Hi beauty ~ I’m Elizabeth Betwixt. My women's healthcare arts are a culmination of 18 years in study of the Feminine Core and generative energy of the pelvic center. I honor the Womb as our instinctual Compass. I aim to restore the aboriginal feminine lineage traditions that have been lost or broken ~ the knowings of how to Embody our Sexual and Creative essence, and how to Care for Life in harmony with our innate physical blueprint, the Earth, and all our Relations.

WiseWomen Pelvic Care supports a vibrant menstrual cycle, relaxed and joyful sensuality, and a tonified pelvic floor which can truly hold and root the body. For those who choose it, I offer an empowered journey through conscious conception, pregnancy, birth, and postpartum integration into Motherhood.

My bodywork sessions, classes, and ceremonies are held in Boulder, CO. I also offer somatic-shamanic therapy and fertility education via video. 

My work is focused on Women - what is Rooted in Female Physiology - and inclusive to all those who Desire to embody Feminine Being, all along the trans, pangender, queer, and intersex spectrums.

Contact me to learn more.